Jonathan will adapt his skills to fit any event. While each event is unique, Jonathan is usually hired in one or a combination of these ways:

solo - Juggling By Jonathan
Jonathan has a flexible show. It can be as short as a few minutes or as long as forty-five minutes. This format implies a set stage area with a given audience ready to be entertained. Through different segments, Jonathan incorporates volunteers and audience participation as well as flashy and/or dangerous stunts. Special messages can be incorporated in order to target a specific audience.

This incorporates impromptu performances in a less formal environment. Jonathan will entertain small groups of people as they enter a facility or while they are waiting for another event to happen. He has quite a collection of interesting toys which, depending on the makeup of audience, may be appropriate for other types of amusement as well as his standard technical skills. In addition, he may mix in some teaching. He can gather his own crowd very easily too if needed. Jonathan will provide entertaining atmosphere for as short as an hour or as long as needed including the duration of multi-day events.

From beginner to advanced, Jonathan is expert in teaching the art of juggling and other forms of manipulation. Jonathan has had pupils who were enrolled in elementary schools all the way up to others in nursing homes and everything in between. All that is required to learn is desire and practice. He can tailor lessons for groups or individuals and always adjusts for the skill level of the students.

schools – The RonJon Juggling Show / Solo School Show
Ron Anglin, veteran teacher/performer and a former army helicopter pilot, joins Jonathan in: "Reasons Not to Cheat." This Young Audiences certified show educates and entertains at the same time. Though normally performed for a K-5 audience, different age groups and/or messages can be incorporated into the show. For more information on this school/church/camp-oriented show, please click on:  Ron link